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Uncle Fenris and the pups

Some days ago we had a lovely visit by Adoreas Red Fenris, owner Mari and her little cousin Susanne.

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The pups meet a hen

While we met the horses the pups also said hello to a silky hen, and had some fun playing in the garden.

Mr Grey

The pups are in this order: Brown, Blue, Black, Grey, Purple, Pink, Red and Orange.

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Cuddle time

I can’t think of any pups that are more kissed and cuddled than ours. Here I have a moment with wonderful Mr Grey:

The pups meet horses

We bring every litter to the countryside to meet my mother in law’s horses. Here they are held by, Helene, my sister in law.

In this order: Pink, Purple, Red, Orange (that is going to live with Islandic horses, so we just had to led her sit on a horse as well), Brown, Black, Blue and Grey:

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Every day when the weather permits it, the pups spend time in the garden. Close to all sorts of noise from the neighbourhood.

At the vet and with a duck

Friday Stine (with Adoreas Red Camille) and her relative, little Tina, came for a visit. They first joined me and the pups at the vet. 7 week’s check with vaccine and ID chipping. Then we all headed back home. Thank’s for the pictures, Stine!


Tina, Stine and the pups at the vet’s office

Sweet Stine and Mr Blue

The pups and a duck

They were very interested in the duck

Mr Grey

Mr Grey runs away with the duck