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Day 62

Day 62 and the big day?
09:45: I think so. Caprice has been restless all night and hasn’t got much sleep. I’m now a short trip to the office, but my mom look after Caprice. I’m 12 min away, so she will call me if anything happen. I’m so excited!!!

13:25 Caprice is more calm now. She has even got some sleep the last hours. She sleeps in the puppy pen, so she is used to it now!

14:50 Hmm, I’m still at the office and just phoned home and Caprice is rather calm. So we just have to be patient!

20:55 No news! She is still calm!

21:40 Caprice is not so calm anymore, so she and I have prepared us selves for a long night in the puppy pen!

23:30 She just threw up, and that’s a sign that it’s close to the birth. She breathes heavily and can’t find any good position to lay and rest.

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