Archive | May 2, 2012

Day 57

Uhuu! We are so curious about who’s hiding in Caprice’s big belly! Not many days left until we will know now. Day 57 means that if she gave birth today, they will still be able to survive. But day 60-63 is the best days to give birth.
Stine, who owns Adoreas Red Camille, comes Saturday, and will stay this weekend. So I hope Caprice will give birth when Stine is here. Stine also joined us when the E-litter was born, and she is a great birth assistant!
Caprice is a very active girl, and she thinks it’s very strange being that big. She gets tired much faster than normal, but loves to run in the woods for shorter periods. She and Cola (our puppy Adores Ridged Cola) joined us in the woods last night, and she played with the pup. I can’t wait to see her having her own pups. She will definitely be the best mom. She has a lot of practice with our earlier litters!

While we are waiting we can enjoy some pictures of Caprice and our E and F-litter:

Caprice with Adoreas Red Ella